Bonus Material: Hanger's Horsemen Trivia

Did you know . . .

The A-Team inspired my team of four ex-military mercenaries and their determination to help the powerless fight against injustice. I gave them a Magnificent Seven spin to add the western flair, and then created a heroine inspired by Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Dr. Josephine Burkett was even mistaken for a man called Dr. Jo just like Michaela Quinn was confused as Michael when first hired.

Purgatory Springs opened a school in 1877 for seventeen students. A post office operated from 1890 to 1895 then changed its name to Hugo in 1896, three years after the conclusion of my story. Poor Hugo declined after the turn of the century, and the post office closed in 1909. Within a few decades, the community was abandoned. All that remains today is a cemetery.

• One of my inspirational secret weapons is my Facebook group, the Posse. They help me find images and vote on names and other details during the plotting stage of my books. They were the ones who selected Phineas as the name for Matthew Hanger's horse. They also helped select the images that inspired the physical attributes of my hero and heroine.